Michael McFaul: ‘I’m Troubled’ by Gen. Flynn’s Comments About Muslims

Posted on 11/19/2016 10:40 AM in Politics

Joining me, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia is Michael Mcfall and MSNBC contributor. I just learned and apparently you just found out last Friday that you were banned, you’ve been banned from Russia? >> Well, yeah. I just found out recently but I think I was on the list, the sanctions list from 2014. Remember, after Russia annexed crimea and supported separatists in the eastern Ukraine, our government put some very top Russian officials on a sanctions list. And the Russians reciprocated and did it in a non-public way. >> Let’s talk about Flynn. What concerns you in his new position and we know, hedoesn’t have to go through a confirmation hearing. This will be his expected. What concerns you first? >> I know general Flynn a bit and worked with him in the government. What concerns me is some of the things that he said on the campaign trail. Particularly saying that we should fear muslims as a very disturbing comment andshows a lack of judgment that he travelled to Russia, was paid a speaking fee bya Russian organization connected to the Russian government, Russia today which is the propaganda wing of the Kremlin and attended the tenth anniversary of Russia today to celebrate propaganda wing and sat down next to president Putin, bad judgment in my view. And knows the government, worked in the government, knows what the interagency cess and is compared to others. I take some comfort in that. >> General Flynn said with my colleague Stephanie Ruhle about Vladimir Putin. [11:16:49 AM]Let’s play that. >> Vladimir Putin. Someone you respect. Someone who kills journalists, invaded crimea. Is that a man you respect? >> Stop it with that kind of stuff. I mean —
>> Stop it with what, sir? Stop it with what? >> How you’re describing a leader in the world that’s actually, that we have to deal with. We’re dealing with them right now. We have to deal with Russia. We have to deal with Russia. We cannot make Russia an enemy. >> What do you make of his words that some believe make Islam or muslims an enemy and not Vladimir Putin? >> You know, I’m troubled by it. I hope he’ll rethink assumptions. When a regionannexed territory of a neighbor, that’s an alarm thing and said he’s not an enemy, that’s a very disturbing thing that hasn’t happened in Europe since WorldWar II. President Obama working with the entire nato alliance was right to respond to that action by sanctions and strengthening nato and when he says things like that, it makes people worried that he might not be as tough on Russia as we need to be right now. >> Thank you so much for your time. We greatly appreciate it. >> Thank you

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