Chris Wallace: ‘I Would Be Surprised’ if Romney Ends up as Sec. of State

Posted on 11/19/2016 6:55 AM in Politics

Martha: Chris Wallace watching this unfold. What do you think about the news we got on these three gentlemen.
Reporter: Remember two days ago when the “New York Times” was reporting that the transition team was in shambles.

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Now we are being deluged. For all the talk about trump reaching out, and yes he will meet with Mitt Romney tomorrow and Ted Cruz earlier this week at Trump Tower. They are getting the meetings, but the people getting the jobs are trump loyalists like Jeff sessions who was the first and only senator to support Donald Trump and Mike Flynn who was his main national security advise year now will be his formal national security advisor in the White House. The loyalists are getting the jobs. As Mike Huckabee said, there are a lot of conservatives in this group. W
Martha: We showed a town hall environment Mike Flynn the general did with Donald Trump where they did a Q and a. They have been traveling with each other quite a bit and gotten to know each other quite a bit. You have to have a tight relationship with your NSA director.
Reporter: He’s supposed to be an honest broker between the secretary of defense and the CIA director and the secretary of state. Henry Kissinger during the Nixon administration where he was maybe the top person in terms of foreign policy and it ended up being both the national security adviser and secretary of state. But Donald Trump and Mike Flynn are close together when it comes to Islamic radicals. He’s somewhat controversial and was forced out by the Obama Administration when he was the head of the defense intelligence agency. But he’s have much in line with the president-elect.
>> Donald Trump tells us he’s very, very smart. I’m afraid when it comes to foreign policy he’s very, very not smart.

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Martha: Ouch. Secretary of state? That will be a tough conversation.
Reporter: As I said, the opponents, the rivals are getting the meeting. New Jersey with Mitt Romney. I would be surprised if he ends up as secretary of state. First of all, obviously there is a lot of baggage there, and they would have to deal with all those questions. More importantly they don’t agree on foreign policy, for instance on Russia, Mitt Romney famously in 2012 said Russia was our number one geopolitical adversary if he had gotten in a scuffle with Barack Obama about that. Trump wants to reset and have a cooperative relationship with Russia. Stranger things have happened. This is Donald Trump. I will be surprised if he ends up being secretary of state. That will give a whole new meaning to the expression of team of rivals.
Martha: They had thrown so much at each other over the course of that time. The secretary of state has the convenience of being someone not around that much.
Reporter: When in doubt you can send him on a foreign trip. I just don’t quite know why he would want him at secretary of state because of some of the differences in foreign policy. I think it’s a positive step that they are meeting. It shows a lot of people were wrong about Donald Trump, he doesn’t nurse grudges, he wants to open his arms and reach out to all Republicans, and we are seeing in his several phone calls with chuck Schumer reaching out to Democrats as well, “The art of the deem.”

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But whether he will take the steps to make him secretary of state I have my doubts.
Martha: It sort of starts to bring people into the circle and makes them feel like they are appreciated, and that can go a long way in life and politics.

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