Hegseth: Anti-Trump Rioting the ‘Manifestation’ of Eight Years of Obama’s Lawlessness

Posted on 11/13/2016 1:20 AM in Politics

>> Not everyone is agreeing with what president-elect trump is saying. As you guys know. There have been protests all throughout this country. A lot of violence playing out. As our own Bill O’Reilly said the other night this is just disgraceful. This is not what democracy was all about.
>> Where were they before the elected. The voting numbers were way lower than they should have been. Did these people even vote. The organized with the likes of occupy Wall Street. Black lives matter, these organized, these people aren’t spontaneously coming out and protesting. And now we have a third night of violent protests. It’s an excuse for violence. It’s a temper tantrum. Liberal cities, Portland, New York, D.C. Dallas. L.A. My home state of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. They don’t like trump. They didn’t like trump. And they are just mad about it. Watching these celebrities cry as well into the camera. I guess it’s cathartic for them a little bit. I think law and order may be coming. They are talking about ramping up more protests into the weekend as well.
>> Let’s be clear everyone has the right to protest in this country. Absolutely. That’s what this country is all about.
>> Look at these images. This is not America. This is not democracy. Even Hillary Clinton said at the last debate when she thought she wasn’t winning this thing. She said we live in democracy. You respect whatever the voters decide. And I will give her credit she has come out since losing this race and she has been grateful and saying we need to come together. This is time where we need to support the person who was elected.
>> Do you think though we need to hear more from Hillary? We need to hear president Obama say lock, let’s turn the page and give this leader a chance right now and protests, we have got to tamp down this violence.
>> What about a joint statement. Someone suggested maybe Obama and trump could come out together and say hey, we understand the right to protest. This is our country that doesn’t make what they are doing right. If you are looting and blocking traffic, at some point we are a country of laws. You have to enforce those. You can’t say it’s my right and break the law in perpetuity where I didn’t like the election where the winner won 300 electoral votes. That’s just lawlessness. You are sewing the administration eight years of Barack Obama where law enforcement doesn’t think they have to enforce these laws. They are entitled to a Hillary Clinton presidency. It’s bearing out before us. At some point you have to stop it.
>> Reading nasty stories about people being yelled at gas stations.
>> Attacked.
>> On the trump side of things. We just got to come together as a country and these sorts of —
>> We forget though we have lived through months of just very, very divisive elections. I have been on the road this past week and you have too, Pete. Talking to the voters and hearing about the things that they are concerned about. Many of which we have talked about invincible voter on “Fox & friends.” How many people were secretly supporting Mr. Trump and didn’t want to say anything in fear of being hurt or being fired from their job or you name it I talked to folks last week can I first say must bely that I did vote for him. This is the country we are now living

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