Rendell: DNC Chair ‘Needs To Be a Full Time Position’

Posted on 11/11/2016 3:30 PM in Politics

>>> All three branches of government are leading the branch to a scramble. Chuck Schumer, and former Maryland governor, martin O’Malley who ran against Clinton. She’s taking a hard look at DNC chair.
>> I am very interested in the chair of DNC, not so much because I think I am the only person that can fix it. We need a full-time chair.
>> So it is official, you are running.
>> It is my plan. I like keinderson a lot. He’s a very good guy. You cannot do this job and sit in the office at the same time. It is not possible.
>> Joining me now is former DNC chair, and our MSNBC political analyst. Governor, do you have a declaration to make or can I ask you some questions?
>> All right, so who gets your support?
>> Well, I like all three of the candidates. I like Martin O’Malley very much so. The question is someone might be a candidate for president in the future, good idea, I think the point that our Dean makes about Keith Anderson, he’s young and Progressive. He reaches out to all part of the party. Keith is a good candidate because he can hold down a congressional job. It is something to he fact that the chair needs to be a full-time position.
>> A Wasserman Shults —
>> The chair is going to have to travel a whole boat load and get across the country. It is hard to do as a city congressman. I would be interested in talking to Keith Anderson this afternoon and interested in seeing how he addresses that.
>> When we think of the Democrats and largely losing the election because of white working class voters T showing up and they are being the core of your party. How is havinellison and mark O’Malley — getting them interested again.
>> But, I think we have to do a better job of painstakingly through town meetings and a lot of different ways. Pain stakingly reconnected with them and going through the issues that’s important to them.
>> For example, if you go back two years or three years ago at the beginning of the recession when most of those workers were flat out unemployed, who’s fighting the stand of unemployment benefit? Republicans were fighting to stop it and we were fighting to extend it. That’s an issue that people forgotten about it. If you go issue after issue, eight or nine of then issues that are important, we are on the right side. We just got to get the measure to them. It is more than just one person. We got to do a full course.
>> Sir, thank you very much. It is nice to see Y appreciate it.

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