Javier Palomarez: I’m ‘Absolutely Concerned’ About Trump’s Deportation Comments

Posted on 11/11/2016 3:45 PM in Politics

> As we are tracking all of the movements for a potential trump cabinet, we’ve learned Kansas secretary of state a part of Mr. Trump’s immigration policy transition team. I want to play for you something he said recently and then get your reaction on the other side.
>> There’s going to be a lot to do there in part because Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama are diametric opposites when it comes to immigration policy. No question, the wall will get built but how quickly will it get done and who helps pay for it.
>> So what do you make of that? Are they going to build that wall?
>> I don’t know whether they’ll build a wall or not. The reality is that the united States Hispanic chamber of commerce now represents 4.2 million Hispanic owned firms in this country that collectively contribute over $68 billion to the American economy and recognize clearly that economic issues have to be at the forefront and we see immigration reform as an economic imperative for the continued well being in our economy and nation. We need to remove the emotion. We need to look at the facts and concentrate on the economic and commercial interests of this nation and how immigration reform plays in that reality.
>> But are you concerned though when you hear him make comments like he’s going to deport millions of the people here undocumented, are you concerned he’s going to follow through with that deportation he signaled through?
>> Absolutely concerned about it. You know, I’ve been having great conversations since very early Wednesday morning with members of the trump team, specifically, Michael Cohen. We’ve talked about these issues on a very kind of beginning the process here. The reality that is the best thing that Donald Trump can do and I know that he will try to do this is surround himself with a team that reflects the changing face of America, a team that includes immigrants and muslims and African-Americans and women and hispanics.
>> Given that, very quickly, what are they telling you about the wall and the deportation force? Any indication, those are first up on deck, we’ll pursue those vigorously?
>> They are first up on deck and what they indicated so far, they want to listen and try to find the best solutions so that we can all move forward.
>> Javier Palomarez, thank you.

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