Javier Palomarez: ‘Clearly’ Trump’s Message ‘Resonated’ with Hispanics in ‘Ways We Didn’t Forecast’

Posted on 11/11/2016 3:43 PM in Politics

>>> President elect Donald Trump said he wants to act fast on immigration once he’s in office. Let’s bring in Javier pulmar. Appreciate it.
>> Good morning, how are you?
>> I am well. I don’t have to tell you that President-elect Trump as a candidate made a number of statements that made many Latinos uncomfortable so let me just get your reaction to the election of Donald Trump and where do you think this is going to go for the Latino community?
>> One thing is clear, Donald Trump got 30 percent of the America’s Hispanic vote. He surprised certainly me and millions of others. Clearly, his message resonated with a portion of the Hispanic electorate in ways that we didn’t forecast.
>> Why do you think he got 30%? Let me just, on that point, that’s a great point. What in his message resonated, do you think?
>> You know, central to his campaign were immigration reform, jobs, and the economy. And clearly, it illustrates what we’ve been saying for what our association has been saying all along. That while immigration reform is absolutely important, it’s imper active, it’s not the only thing. We worry about jobs, the economy, national security. And clearly, his message resonated with a portion of the Hispanic community that, you know, help elect him as the 45th president of the United States.

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