Howard Dean: Clinton ‘Earned the Nomination Fair and Square’

Posted on 11/11/2016 3:00 PM in Politics

RUHLE: “It was a scary campaign. And I know hindsight it’s 20/20. But from where we’re sitting now, was Hillary Clinton the wrong candidate for these times?”
DEAN: “You know, nobody is ever going to know the answer to that. So it’s not much point in speculating about it. She was the odds-on favorite. She earned the nomination fair and square. She got a lot more votes than anybody else. And she didn’t win against Donald Trump. What can you say? You know, there will be a tremendous amount of looking backwards. I’m not a big fan of looking backwards except learning the lessons of history.”
RUHLE: “All right. Governor Dean, thank you so much for your commitment to this nation.”
DEAN: “Thanks for having me on.”

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