Steve Israel: ‘The American Jewish Community Is Solidly Behind Hillary Clinton’

Posted on 11/2/2016 1:50 PM in Politics

MELVIN: “You said something earlier this week that caught our attention. You told ‘The Times of Israel,’ quote, ‘I think that Trump’s statements and conduct over the past few months has actually eclipsed the concern that some may have had with respect to Iran.’ What makes you think that Jewish-Americans are now more afraid of Donald Trump than Tehran’s nuclear capabilities?”
ISRAEL: “Number one, because Donald Trump said that when it comes to Israel, he will be neutral. Number two, he has said that he will force the Israelis to reimburse the United States for the cost of our security and Israel’s security. Number three, beyond Israel, if you’re concerned about the environment, if you’re concerned about women, if you’re concerned about the ability of college students to afford their education, Donald Trump is a bad deal on all of those metrics. Hillary Clinton is an important and very positive influence on those metrics. You put it all together and people — the American Jewish community is solidly behind Hillary Clinton.”

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