Obama: Trump Hasn’t Paid a Dime in Taxes for the Things that ‘Help Keep America the Greatest Nation on Earth’

Posted on 11/2/2016 4:10 PM in Politics

“This choice actually is pretty clear because the guy that the Republicans nominated even though a bunch of them knew they shouldn’t nominate him, the guy they nominated who many of the Republicans he was running against said was a con artist and a know-nothing and wasn’t qualified to hold this office, this guy is temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief and he is not equipped to be president. And this is not — this should not be a controversial plan. It really shouldn’t. I mean, it’s strange how over time what is crazy gets normalized and we just kind of assume, you know, he’s said 100 crazy things so the 101st thing we just don’t even notice. But think about it. This is somebody who claims to be a great businessman. I will tell you, I know a lot of business people right here in North Carolina and all across the country who have done really, really well without stiffing small businesses and workers out of what they owed them. We don’t have a history of somebody who refuses to release any tax returns at all. And maybe it’s because he’s not as rich as he says he is. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t paid federal income taxes in years. Now, this is something he said. This is not me making it up. He hasn’t paid a dime. Not for our troops, not for our veterans, not for our great universities, not for our community colleges, not for building roads, not for maintaining our national parks. Not for any of the things that help keep America the greatest nation on Earth.”

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