Obama: How Can Someone Who Vilifies Minorities and Muslims Be Our Voice?

Posted on 11/2/2016 4:17 PM in Politics

“And yet, we have to act knowledge, he’s got support. He’s got support here in North Carolina. He’s got support in other states, and part of it is because he’s been able to convince some people that he’s going to be their voice. Now, keep in mind this is somebody who spent 70 years on this Earth showing no respect for working people. Working people weren’t invited to his hotels or his golf courses unless they were the made or mowing the fairway. I mean, this is somebody who vilifies minorities, vilifies immigrants, vilifies people of Muslim faith, makes fun of Americans with disabilities. How is that person going to be your voice? Do you want somebody to be your voice who on tape brags about how being famous allows him to get away with sexual assault, who calls women pigs or dogs or slobs and rates them on a scale of one to ten? That is not the voice of America. That’s not the better angels of our nature and we have a choice. We can choose that or we can choose to teach our kids that our diversity is our strength, that women are full and equal citizens, capable of doing anything a man does.”

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