David Brock on Podesta Writing We Have To ‘Dump’ These Emails: In D.C. Parlance Dump Means Release

Posted on 11/2/2016 2:05 PM in Politics

RUHLE: “David, something that doesn’t work for Hillary Clinton is e-mail. Again, we know that WikiLeaks, the content hasn’t been verified. We are concerned about who the hackers are. Bit I want to ask you about the John Podesta e-mail back in 2015 that came out of WikiLeaks which says, quote, ‘We’re going to have to dump all those e-mails.’ I mean, that’s a tough one.”
BROCK: “As you know, in Washington parlance, dump means release or make public. Again, you say that these e-mails haven’t been authenticated and that is true.”
RUHLE: “So hold on, John Podesta wasn’t saying — “
BROCK: “Let’s just take it at its face. What he was saying was we’re going to have to release or make these e-mails public. He knew, for example, that 55,000 pages of Secretary Clinton’s e-mail had already been turned over. What he was doing was saying, ‘We’re going to make them public’ and the fact is Secretary Clinton asked the State Department a few days after the day of that e-mail to make these public. They were made public which people forget was really an unprecedented act of transparency to make all those business-related e-mails public. So that’s what he was talking about. He references Lanny Davis in there. Lanny — that’s clearly Lanny Davis who is out on television saying the same thing. ‘Let’s put all of these e-mails out.’ So that’s what that dump meant.”
RUHLE: “Perfect. David, thanks so much for joining me for that clarification. Dump, as in ‘let’s put it out there’.”

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