CNN’s Kosinski: Obama ‘Nearly Begging’ N.C. Voters to Get out and Vote

Posted on 11/2/2016 4:35 PM in Politics

TAPPER: “North Carolina could be key to Clinton clinching the White House. It’s the state president Obama won in 2008, as he pointed out, by 14,000 votes. But he lost it last time around.”
KOSINSKI: “Yeah. Mitt Romney won in 2012. Not by very much either. So this is a state that can go either way. The polls recently have shown that. Originally, Hillary had a pretty decent lead but most recently that has shrunk considerably and you hear it in the President’s voice. This just now was the most energetic we’ve heard him. And how we’ve been characterizing his tone and how that shifted over his appearances, it’s not just pleading with voters to get out there and exercise their right to vote at this point. It is nearly begging them to do so. To listen to some of the things he said out here, yelled and repeated that, ‘I need you to vote. You can change history. If Hillary wins North Carolina, she wins. Believe in your ability to effect change. Don’t let your chance slip away. Just hammering this into the crowd. We’ve also heard him over the past couple of days appeal directly to African-Americans, mainly in radio ads and telling them, ‘Look, you were excited about me. You need to be as excited for Hillary Clinton.’ Jake?”
TAPPER: “President Obama with a direct appeal to the African-American voters in North Carolina as well as he stands there in the Research Triangle of North Carolina.”

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