CNN: Hillary Clinton Still Doesn’t Have an Economic Message

Posted on 11/2/2016 3:14 PM in Politics

KING: “And a big issue here. We talked about this a bit earlier in the week in the sense that in a lot of these battleground states Trump is trying to sell this doom and gloom economic message but things have improved. Things have improved in most of the battleground states and yet he leads consistently across these battleground states on the issue of the economy. Again, the campaigns know this. Hillary Clinton yesterday saying, ‘Donald Trump cheats on his taxes. Donald trump takes advantage of loopholes you can’t. Stiffs the little guy in every project he does.’ And not just Secretary Clinton. The President gets briefed by the Clinton campaign as well. Listen to the president going after Donald Trump on the economy.”
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OBAMA: “The notion that this guy is your champion — the notion that this guy’s going to fight for working people when his entire life he did not have time for anybody who wasn’t rich or a celebrity, Who wouldn’t let you into one of his hotels, unless you were cleaning the room, wouldn’t let you on to one of his golf courses, unless you were mowing the fairway. Come on! This guy is going to be your champion? Come on.”
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KING: “That’s colorful from the president, and it’s good from the president. He’s not on the ballot. This is a question that we’re asking a few days before the election, that we were talking about throughout the primaries as well. Bernie Sanders scored a lot of points against Hillary Clinton not just because of liberal angst but because he had a more compelling economic message. Here we are five days from an election and Hillary Clinton still has a problem convincing voters. You go to her website, if you’re a Progressive, she has lots of policies. I’m not saying she’s not giving lots of things in detail. But if you ask somebody in 30 seconds to describe what Hillary Clinton’s view on the economy is, still hasn’t gotten there.”
HENDERSON: “No. I think that’s right. And she switched back and forth between ‘Stronger together.’ That’s her banner. She talks about, ‘Oh, when they go low, we go high.’ There isn’t anything compelling. If you flash back to — “
KING: “Trump says, ‘Ill fight for the little guy, rip up the trade deals. I’ll get you a job.’ You can disagree with it but you get it.”
HENDERSON: “Exactly. And it breaks through. It’s easy. It’s ‘You’ve been screwed by Washington. I’m going to toss everybody out of Washington,’ and — and Clinton is clearly all about sort of policy and incrementalism. Obama plus. None of those are bumper sticker worthy and none of those really resonate emotionally with average voters.”

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