Maryland Dem Wants Obama to Appoint a Hostage Czar in the Wake of the Drone Deaths

Posted on 4/23/2015 3:07 PM in Politics

NN ANCHOR: “Would you go so far to say negotiations need to happen to gain back U.S. hostages?” 
DELANEY: “I don’t necessarily disagree with our policy around negotiations with terrorists. Obviously I don’t think we should negotiate with terrorists but we have tremendous resources and tremendous capabilities in this country and we need to be putting them to work smarter to find these people. I’m really focusing on why we can’t find these people in an area where we are investing a tremendous amount of money, have tremendous assets and we have lots of partners who really need to be helping us in this effort. That's what I am really focused on. We have a lot of czars in government. We should have a hostage czar. Someone who wakes up every day and has complete access to all resources of the U.S. government to find Americans that are held hostage.”

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