The media lies about drink Trayvon was buying; watermelon fruit juice cocktail & Skittles used to make Lean

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We hear in the media on a daily and nightly basis that Trayvon just went to the 7-11 to buy skittles and Iced tea. Thing is, it was not Iced Tea - it was Arizona brand watermelon fruit juice cocktail. Those 2 items - Skittles and the juice can be used to make some sorta drink called Lean.

The media, Crump, Sybrina, and Tracy either don't know or don't want us to know.

I found this in the comment section of an article about the Volusia country cop being suspended for his comments about Martin after the verdict. The original comment is since gone.

Skittles + Arizona tea + Robitussion = " Lean " the new "legal drug "
So what was missing

"" Among its reports, Trayvon Martin’s drug use, explaining how the Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail drink he carried that night are ingredients that, when mixed with dextromethorphan (DXM) cough syrup, create “Lean”, a concocted high which can cause psychosis and aggression over the longer term. According to the autopsy report, Martin’s liver showed damage consistent with DXM abuse. ""

This was the first I have ever heard of Lean, Skittles and Fruit Juice Cocktail in the same sentence. However with some googlefu I found my answers.

Conservative Treehouse has a phenomenal writeup on the homebrewed drug.

Trayon purchased Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. However the media report and all of Trayvon's friends, family and supporters report it as iced tea. Why would they want to obscure the fact he was buying a fuit juice mix? Maybe because it says watermelon, but more likely is that it is a key component of Lean.

Treehouse quotes Urban Dictionary:

Purple Lean, or Lean, is an intoxicating beverage also known by the names lean, sizzurp, and liquid codeine. It is commonly abused by southern rappers and wannabe suburban teenagers. It is a mixture of Promethazine/Codeine cough syrup and sprite, or other beverage [such as Arizona Watermelon]  with a few jolly ranchers and/or skittles thrown in.

Promethazine with codeine, consumed in such large amounts as is popular with such southern rappers as lil wayne, slim thug, and Big Moe, produces an opiate-like high that is potentiated by the Promethazine.

Promethazine by itself will not produce a high. The beverage must be sipped slowly, and not guzzled, in order to avoid unconsciousness and/or life threatening overdose.

Codeine is not needed. Dextromethorphan (DXM) can be susbstituted. Apparently according to numerous websites found with a search, DXM is increasingly being abused as a recreational drug.

Screencaps of Trayvon's FB page show that he was looking for some codeine.

Let’s begin about mid-way down the page on the left-hand side, where Martin says:

unow a connect for codine” or

“do you know of a connection for codeine”?

Trayvon is seeking a source for the prescription drug Codeine. Eventually we learn that he’s not seeking the pill form, but rather a “liquid” form, which he says he’s “had…before.”

His friend responds that he doesn’t NEED codeine – that he can just mix Robitussin and soda to make…

Treehouse confirmed these as coming from TM's FB page.

The image of the Skittle from the crime scene photos:

That so called Tea - Fruit Juice Cocktail.

Back to Lean

There are some variations of Lean. For example, Promethazine and Codeine syrup is usually Purple in color. But there are other colors of syrup that work the same way. There is a golden-colored syrup (hydrocodone based) and other colors as well.

Martin wants the codeine because it is stronger than Robitussin or dextromethorohan.

DXM is:

DXM is a widely available over-the-counter cough suppressant. When taken far above its standard medical dosage, it is a strong dissociative used primarily by teens.

DXM is

a semisynthetic opiate derivative which is legally available over-the-counter in the United States. It is most commonly found in cough suppressants, especially those with “DM” or “Tuss” in their names. It is almost always used orally, although pure DXM powder is occasionally snorted

Erowid begins to hint at DXM’s seriousness in their “DXM Basics” discussion:

“…High doses … are sometimes compared to the effects of other dissociatives such as PCP or ketamine…”

DXM does not cause sedation, and in fact can produce profound agitation,  hence the comparison to PCP.     In the  “DXM Basics – Problems” section, Erowid notes:

“…DXM causes physical and psychological effects that may be frightening or unpleasant… Psychological effects can include profound disorientation, depression, a feeling of personal disintegration, or a feeling of “unreality” and disconnection that may persist for days. Chronic use may cause depression, psychological dependency, and possibly brain damage. Large doses may be associated with psychotic breaks…”

A psychotic break the night of the shooting could certainly explain Trayvon's behavior towards Zimmerman. Bottom line use of Dextromethorphan can lead to long term health problems - 'permanent brain damage from extremely heavy use of DXM (e.g., an 8oz bottle of Maximum Strength syrup every day)', some 'suffer from severe depression and psychotic breaks, even leading to a few cases of suicide attempts…'

The cough suppressant can be more dangerous than other more traditional hard core drugs like LSD or 'shrooms.

Bottom line is that use of dextromethorphan can cause Panic Attacks, psychotic Breaks, Impaired Judgement in Critical Situations (!!),

“Risks of Regular Use and Binges:Mania, Violent Ideations, Antisocial Behavior and Paranoia, Habituation,  and Psychological Addiction, Tolerance and Physical Addiction, Psychosis,Liver, Kidney and Pancreas Damage“

And more from Treehouse:

In addition to the risks of DXM itself, many DXM-containing products contain other active ingredients that can be dangerous. Common additives include acetaminophen (Tylenol), which can cause fatal liver-damage in large doses.   Products containing Chlorpheniramine Maleate such as Coricidin Cough and Cold should especially be avoided.   See DXM Health for more information.

Tylenol is processed in the liver via N-acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine, or NAPQI, which is toxic to the liver. The liver contains an antioxidant called glutathione that can keep NAPQI from causing damage, but too much acetaminophen reduces glutathione.  Hepatic damage occurs when there is not enough glutathione to handle the Tylenol.

These post-mortem symptoms of DXM can appear as ‘mild fatty metamorphosis of the liver’. An ME would not be looking at drugs as potential cause if they did not know the subject was on drugs. Obviously, in this example neither Tracy Martin, nor Sybrina Fulton would be informing the Medical Examiner of prior drug use.

The coroner's report:

Trayvon was not some kid out on a snack run like Crump and Co want us to think. He was an addict looking for his next high.

And to be clear I am not attacking Martin. I am attacking the media for their intellecutal dishonesty and their flat out lying. They only want a particular narrative to come through. Lean could certainly explain what happened that night. Rachel Jeantel has said that week didn't make Trayvon go crazy to use her words. It just made him go hungry. But Lean could make him go crazy to put in her words.

Thank for Treehouse - also take the time to read the long post and read part 1 too.

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Steve Kormanec
Steve Kormanec
7/24/2013 6:36:49 AM #

Is Flordia going to make Crump and Co. pay for the cost of the trial like they wanted Casey Anthony to?...After the defaming remarks by the female special prosecutor, is anyone ever going to want to serve on a jury in Flordia or anywhere else?...Angela Cory should be removed from office...Al Sharptons mouth Duct taped shut, and Rev. Jesse Jackson should address his own parenting skills with his embezzling son!!!!!!!

Raisin Kane
Raisin Kane
7/29/2013 2:51:26 AM #

Listen. I understand what you're trying to do here, and it's admirable. But your information is also misleading, as you need more than just codeine to make lean. You need alcohol. You don't -usually- get skittles, you usually just get jolly ranchers, seeing as skittles aren't apt to dissolve in watermelon juice as quickly as jolly ranchers. And even if he was -planning- on making it? Obviously it wasn't mixed yet, as they were both unopen and he was sipping on his drink. And do you realize the percentage of people who drink that particular drink and brand? It's a very, very large number. So why don't we stop throwing out stupid theories that can be misleading and have no hard evidence to back them up? There was no codeine or cough syrup found on him, no evidence that he was even on his way to get some. So let's leave it be. Zimmerman was found not guilty, and a kid is dead, so let's drop this mess and move on. Let him rest in peace.

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