Couple saves home from forclosure by writing erotic ebooks

Posted on 6/18/2013 9:04 AM in US

Just last summer, Jack and Jasinda Wilder and their five children were in danger of losing their home. Their youngest son was sick. They were just 30 dys from losing their home. The family was desperate so what did they do? The husband wife team began writing erotic ebooks in their basement.

The e-books, which they self published, were a series of steamy romance novels. They started picking up buzz on the internet and quickly earned them enough to meet their $1,200 monthly mortgage payment.

"So we just started writing like mad," Jasinda said. "And I think in like six months we put out 20 titles."

"We decided we weren't gonna leave our house," she added. "I think we showered 3 times.

With each book, their sales climbed higher. Then this spring, a romance called "Falling Into You" -- about a girl whose first love dies suddenly -- jumped onto the New York Times Best Seller list. Jasinda was out driving with her kids the day it hit #1 on Amazon.

"I was crying hysterically," Jasinda said.

The house they nearly lost is now home to a self-publishing empire.


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