4/5/2015 2:51 PM // World

UK Police Arrest 14 Year Old Boy and 16 Year Old Girl on Terrorism Charges

British police have arrested a teenage boy and girl on terror related charges.

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4/2/2015 7:23 AM // World

British Med student who joined Islamic State now wants to go home

A 19-year-old British woman, one of a group of medical students that includes seven Britons, an American and a Canadian who joined ISIS, has now told her family she wants to go home.

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3/12/2015 7:02 PM // World

London Vicar Holds Islamic Prayer Service In His Church & Has Congregation Give Praise To “The God That We Love, Allah”

A Vicar in London is under fire from traditionalist Anglicans after allowing a full Muslim prayer service in his church.

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3/6/2015 4:42 PM // World

11 year old British boy sent home for Christian Grey costume

So thanks to pop culture, the character from 50 Shades of Grey is a hero to millions of children.

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2/20/2015 8:09 AM // World

3 British Girls Run Away to Syria to Join ISIS

UK police appealed for help Friday to find three teenage girls who are missing from their homes in London and are believed to be making their way to Syria.

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2/19/2015 9:24 AM // World

British jets jets scrambled after Russian bombers seen off Cornwall

The Brits scrambled their fighter jets on Wednesday after two Russian bombers were seen off the Cornwall coast.

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2/18/2015 4:54 PM // World

British Jets Scramble to Intercept Russian Bombers

Putin is testing the limits of Europe as RAF jets scrambled to intercept 2 Russian Bombers.

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2/13/2015 10:51 AM // World

Saudi Arabia becomes the latest to evacuate embassy staff from Yemen

Saudi Arabia is the latest country to pull out of Yemen and joins the US, France and the UK in evacuating staff after a power grab by Shi'ite Muslim Houthi militia there.

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2/5/2015 10:40 AM // World

British intelligence threatens to stop sharing information if Germany goes ahead with parliamentary inquiry

British intelligence officials are so worried about a parliamentary inquiry into their activities in Germany that they have threatened to stop sharing information if it goes ahead.

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2/2/2015 3:31 PM // World

UK PM David Cameron: Saudi information helped save British lives

David Cameron said Monday that Saudi Arabia helped save “potentially hundreds” of British lives in the fight against terrorism, defending his country’s long-standing relationship with the kingdom.

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1/31/2015 2:29 PM // World

14 year old British student put in isolation after shaving head for cancer charity

A British student who shaved his head to raise money for a cancer charity has been put in isolation for breaking the school's uniform code.

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1/25/2015 5:19 PM // Politics

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer: We Need Root Out Islamist Extremism from Our Colleges and Universities

The Chancellor of the Exchequer says that the UK needs to go further and root out the the Radical Islamist elements from the schools and colleges.

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1/25/2015 5:11 PM // Politics

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer: No reason Britain can't be the most prosperous nation in the world

He cites a number of things that Britain has going for it, one of whiich is that Britain's economy is pulling ahead of the rest of Europe.

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1/19/2015 10:45 AM // World

David Cameron rips Muslim Council of Britain after its leaders compare government to 'far right'

David Cameron blasted the Muslim Council of Britain saying that it "has a problem" after the Council accused ministers of behaving like the "far right".

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