7/3/2014 4:51 AM // Politics, US

Joaquin Castro Calls For Asylum For Illegals From Central America

Yes given asylum so they can vote Democrat in the future and help flip Texas.

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6/11/2014 4:41 AM // Politics

6/8/2014 3:58 AM // US

Obama Administration Drops Off Two Planeloads Of Illegal Aliens In El Paso, Texas

The Obama Administration has dumped 2 planeloads of illegals in El Paso Texas on Saturday.

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6/7/2014 3:56 PM // Politics

Obama Administration says it has no plans to stop dumping illegals in Arizona

They are admitting that the the dumping of illegals is going to continue.

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6/6/2014 7:30 PM // US

California Counties Ignoring Law & Refusing To Hold Illegals When Requested To By ICE

Who needs Obama to grant amnesty when counties are doing it already?

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6/6/2014 3:10 PM // Politics

Ted Cruz: Huge Surge In Illegal Immigrants Is “Direct Consequence" Of Obama’s Lawlessness

If Obama cannot get Congress to grant amnesty through law, he is simply going to take it.

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6/6/2014 2:54 PM // Politics

Obama Administration to spend $2 million to provide attorneys to illegal minor children

The Obama administration announced Friday that it will provide lawyers to children facing deportation amid a huge surge of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the US' southern border.

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6/3/2014 6:57 PM // US

DHS Continues To Drop Illegal Immigrants Off At Phoenix Bus Station…

The Administration continues to dump illegals off in Arizona.

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5/25/2014 5:57 AM // Politics

Dem Reps urge Obama to act unilaterally on amnesty if Congress does not act

Imagine if Republicans called for Bush to act unilaterally....

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5/23/2014 6:46 AM // Politics

Obama Whines About Amnesty: “We’re Being Deprived of Talent We’re Training Here In The United States”…

Speaking at a fundraiser in Chicago on Thursday night, Obama whined about how the US will be deprived of "talent" if we do not pass amnesty.

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5/14/2014 2:32 PM // Politics

Bill Clinton accuses Tea Party of lying about illegal immigration to build up support among the base


Speaking at the economic summit today, Bill Clinton accused the Republicans, specifically the Tea Party, of lying about illegal immigration.

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5/14/2014 7:18 AM // Politics

Lamar Smith blasts Obama over release of 36K criminal illegals - "Worst prison break in American history...sanctioned by the President"

“...the worst prison break in American history,...sanctioned by the President and perpetrated by our own immigration officials."

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5/13/2014 7:53 PM // Politics, US

CA Bill To Allow Illegal Aliens To Get Licenses In Over 30 Professions

Just a matter of time before it comes to Florida after Rick Scott allowed that illegal to practice law.

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5/13/2014 10:35 AM // US

5/12/2014 10:56 AM // Politics

Obama Administration Releases 36,000 Convicted Criminals Awaiting Deportation

Holder doesn't actually to tell them to do it. He and Obama create a culture of lawlessness.

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