1/15/2015 5:41 AM // US

Mass. State Police Arrest 2 Black Lives Matter "Protesters" - Protesters Prevent Fire and Rescue from Transporting Trauma Patient

Ferguson "protesters" blocked traffic on Interstate 93 northbound in Milton, MA and southbound traffic in Medford Thursday morning during rush hour.

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1/4/2015 10:11 AM // Politics

Elijah Cummings claims 96% of the deaths of black men by police are by white officers

He tried to claim that in one survey, of the 400 shootings of black men by cops, 96% were by white officers.

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1/4/2015 9:54 AM // Politics

Newt: Young people need to be told when an officer tells them to stop, stop.

But young people these days don't seem to understand that simple thing will keep them alive.

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1/2/2015 4:34 PM // Politics

WSJ's Jason Riley: Obama more interested in exploiting racial division for political gain

Obama's association with Sharpton shows he is not interested in healing the racial strife.

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1/1/2015 9:20 AM // US

Only 15 "Protesters" assemble in downtown Cleveland on New Year's Eve

A handful of "protesters" gathered in downtown Cleveland on New Year's Eve to protest the police shootings of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

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1/1/2015 6:23 AM // US

12/31/2014 4:36 PM // US

Anti-police "protesters" threatening to disrupt Times square on New Year's Eve

Anti-police protesters are planning to disrupt New Year’s Eve celebrations at major metropolitan sites

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12/30/2014 7:07 PM // US

12/29/2014 4:03 PM // US

17 year old black teen arrested for pointing Airsoft gun at police car and posting photo to Twitter

A black Ft. Worth, Tx teen has been arrested for posting a photo of an Airsoft gun pointed at a police car with a caption reading in part:

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12/29/2014 9:39 AM // World

Al-Qaeda's Inspire Magazine References Ferguson Protests, Michael Brown, Eric Garner & Tamir Rice

Part of the continued outreach by Al Qaeda and ISIS to black males.

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12/28/2014 4:37 AM // US

Muslims stage die-in in Philadelphia as they protest Eric Garner and Ferguson cases

So basically they are bringing back the violent black power movement of the 1960s by citing Malcolm X.

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12/28/2014 4:34 AM // US

"Protesters" stage anti-cop rally, flipping off the NYPD

Classy...protesters give the middle finger to theNYPD's 75th Precinct.

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12/27/2014 5:18 PM // US

Funeral for Officer Rafael Ramos doesn't stop anti-police "protests" in NYC

"Protesters" in New York City did not take the day off on Saturday even as the funeral for Officer Rafael Ramos was held in Queens.

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12/26/2014 4:12 AM // US

Eric Garner’s daughter posts address of cop present when her father died

Erica Garner decided to mark Christmas Day by pointing her Twitter followers to the address of one of the NYPD officers who was present during the death of her father.

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12/23/2014 6:40 PM // US

12/23/2014 6:00 PM // US

Anti-police "Protesters" vow to "shut down" New York's shopping district

The anti-cop protesters vow to keep on protesting despite de Blasio's call to halt protesting until after the funerals for the slain officers.

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