3/31/2015 8:15 PM // Politics

Michael Steele Rips Dan Malloy over Indiana Law - 'He Needs to Bring the Crazy Down'

Michael Steele tonight confronted Dan Malloy for his comments about Indiana’s religious freedom law, telling the governor he needs to “bring the crazy down on this.”

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3/31/2015 8:11 PM // Politics

Tom Cotton: Obama Extending Deadline 'Sends a Signal of Weakness to the Iranians'

Cotton said the French are being tougher with Iran than our own President.

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3/31/2015 8:05 PM // Politics

Megyn Kelly Blasts Dingy Harry For Saying He Has No Regrets About False Tax Claims About Romney

Megyn Kelly tonight slammed Harry Reid for saying he has no regrets about his false claim that then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes.

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3/31/2015 7:37 PM // Politics

O'Reilly: Iranian Mullahs Are 'Well Aware That Obama Is a Weakened President'

In tonight's Talking Points Memo, ill O'Reilly said that Obama has a "trust deficit," which "makes negotiating anything much harder for the United States."

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3/31/2015 7:26 PM // Politics

Trump: Obama 'Desperate' for Iran Deal...He Is a 'Terrible Negotiator'

Donald Trump weighed in on "The O'Reilly Factor" about the Iran nuclear deal and what he would do if he was at the negotiating table.

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3/31/2015 5:28 PM // Politics

George Will Rips Apple’s Tim Cook for ‘Selective Indignation’ over Indiana Law

George Will slammed Tim Cook of Apple for 'selective indignation.' Cook opened an Apple facility in Saudi Arabia just 2 months before got 450 lashes for being gay.

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3/31/2015 2:55 PM // US

Armed prisoner captured in D.C. after Fairfax hospital escape

The prisoner who escaped from a Fairfax hospital after overpowering a guard, taking her gun, and carjacking two vehicles Tuesday morning, was recaptured as he got off a Metro bus in Washington D.C.

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3/31/2015 2:47 PM // Politics