7/31/2014 8:50 PM // Politics

7/31/2014 7:51 PM // Sci and Tech

Ex-NASA employees rescue first-ever moon photos from 50 year old analog tape

A group of former NASA employees have saved some 1500 moon photos from 50-year-old analog tapes. Before they started, they were told it could not be done.

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7/31/2014 7:14 PM // US

Neel Kashkari running for governor of California & spends last week looking for work

Neel Kashkari who is a former Bush Administration official is challenging Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and to draw attention to lousy economy in the state he spent last week looking for a job.

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7/31/2014 7:07 PM // Politics

7/31/2014 7:00 PM // US

7/31/2014 6:37 PM // Politics

Paralegals at US Patent Office paid as much $100K per year to play on the internet & watch TV - all at home

Dozens of federal employees at the US Patent Office were paid as much as $80,000 to not do work.

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7/31/2014 4:59 PM // Politics

Attorney General Holder Says Death Row Prisoners Should Know Lethal Drugs Combos

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that prisoners slated to be executed have a right to know what the drugs are that will be administered in carrying out the death penalty

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7/31/2014 4:42 PM // World

Giraffe Dies After Smashing Head on Low Highway Bridge in South Africa

A giraffe was killed after smashing its head on a bridge while being transported on a highway in South Africa.

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7/31/2014 4:34 PM // World

Boko Haram sets churches on fire in mainly Christian area in Borno state

Boko Haram has set fire to no fewer than five churches south of Borno in Nigeria as part of its reign of terror

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7/31/2014 3:46 PM // Sci and Tech

7/31/2014 3:33 PM // World

Hamas has stolen enough concrete to build 2 hospitals, 20 schools, 20 healthcare centers & 100 kindergartens

But the media will never mention this - they will just it is unfair that Israel has Iron Dome.

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7/31/2014 3:27 PM // Politics

2 Dem Senators Call On CIA Director John Brennan To Resign

Two Dem senators are demanding that John Brennan resign over the news that the CIA hacked into Senate computers.

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7/31/2014 3:25 PM // World

Captured Hamas operative reveals paragliding attack plan

It's just so unfair that Hamas has to use paragliders while Israel has Iron Dome.

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7/31/2014 3:04 PM // World

Israel and Hamas agree to 72 hour humanitarian cease fire

Wonder how long before Hamas violated it with rocket attacks?

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7/31/2014 1:08 PM // World