3/31/2014 11:05 AM // US

Mets Fans Boo Commie Mayor Bill De Blasio As He Throws The First Pitch On Opening Day

Mets fans booed Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio has he threw out the opening pitch today.

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3/31/2014 9:53 AM // Politics

Only One-Third Of Obamacare Exchange Sign-Ups Were From The Previously Uninsured

A report from the RAND Corportation shows that of those enrolling in Obamacare, 1/3 of those signing up were previously ininsured.

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3/31/2014 9:15 AM // Politics

Sebelius Speechless After Reporter Tells Her How Unpopular Obamacare Is

A reported with HWTV managed to render Kathleen Sebelius speechless by telling her how unpopular Obamacare is.

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3/31/2014 8:39 AM // Politics

3/31/2014 7:36 AM // Politics

Dingy Harry whines about Koch Brothers and Sarah Palin in fundraising email

Harry Reid is using the Koch brothers and Sarah to fundraise

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3/31/2014 5:45 AM // Politics

On Obamacare deadline day, the website goes down

It is the last day to sign up for Obamacare but you won't be signing up online because the website has gone down.

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3/31/2014 4:55 AM // Politics

3/31/2014 4:19 AM // Politics, US

Obama Admin Delays Obamacare Enrollment Date By One Month For Oregon

Now the Administration's lawlessness is infecting states.

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3/31/2014 4:16 AM // Leftist MSM

3/31/2014 3:59 AM // Politics

With Ukraine Is In Crisis, John Kerry Fear Mongers: Global Warming Means “Our Way of Life Is Literally In Jeopardy"

John Kerry is more worried about global warming than he is the conflict with Russia.

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3/31/2014 3:44 AM // Politics

Catch & Release: ICE agents release 68,000 illegals with criminal convictions

Who needs amnesty passed by Congress when agents are granting it at the border?

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3/30/2014 6:12 PM // Politics

Obamacare Resulted "In Training Of A Slew Of New Organizers” Who Will Help Turn Out Dem Vote in November

So Dems are banking on Obamacare navigators to get the vote out this fall.

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3/30/2014 10:58 AM // World

Former Putin Adviser Says The Russian President Wants To Retake Finland

A former adviser to Russian President Dictator Vladimir Putin says that the ex-KGB agent wants to retake Finland.

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3/30/2014 9:57 AM // Politics

George Stephanopoulos claims White House will claim 7 million enrolled by tomorrow

They absolutely are cooking the books on Obamacare. Stephanopoulos says the Administration will claim 7 million enrolled on Monday.

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3/30/2014 9:52 AM // Politics

Former Obama goon David Plouffe claims well over 10 million have enrolled in Obamacare

David Plouffe claimed today that well over 10 million have enrolled if you count private, Medicaid and CHIP.

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3/30/2014 9:47 AM // Politics

Donna Brazille: GOP Governors keeping people from getting healthcare they need to save their lives

Republicans are not expanding Medicaid because they want people to die - at least according to Donna Brazille.

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