9/30/2013 8:40 PM // Politics

Harry Reid accuses Republicans of holding a gun to the head of US Senators

Guns, bombs, extortion, hostage taking, abduction, kidnapping, child killing - that has been the narrative of the Left for the past week over this government shutdown.

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9/30/2013 8:17 PM // Sports

Sen Patty Murray accuses Republicans of taking the American people hostage

 Sen Patty Murray this afternoon accused the Republicans of taking the American people hostage.

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9/30/2013 7:29 PM // Politics

Chuck Schumer: Tea Party and John Boehner want human sacrifice to the Right Wing Gods

More hyperbole and warnings of doom and gloom from the Dems. This afternoon Chuck Schumer compares the Tea Party and Boehner to the Mayans.

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9/30/2013 7:05 PM // Politics

Senate rejects latest House funding bill

The Senate has rejected the latest CR bill from the House. The House passed yet another proposal to fund the government and delay ObamaCare, but it went down in the Harry Reid controlled Senate 54-46.

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9/30/2013 4:07 PM // Politics

Spineless Moderate House Republicans pushing for clean CR; Trying to defeat the rule

Moderate weak spineless House Republicans are pushing for bill to fund the government with no strings attached.

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9/30/2013 12:14 PM // Politics

[VIDEO] Senate rejects House CR bill & removes 1 year delay on Obamacare and repeal of the medical device tax

The Senate rejected the House CR bill that incuded a 1 year delay on Obamacare and a repeal of the medical device tax.

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9/30/2013 12:11 PM // Politics

Dopey Senate Dems give thumbs up because shutdown clock has reached 0 days

Watch the dopey Senate Dems as they walk up to the podium, look at the countdown clock and then actually give a thumbs up because it is 0 days and a few hours.

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9/30/2013 10:04 AM // Politics

[VIDEO] Rep. Dana Rohrbacher unloads on CNN's Ashleigh Banfield - 'Whose bidding are you doing?'

Ashleigh Banfield had an explosive segment with Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) and Marsh Blackburn (R-TN).

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9/30/2013 8:15 AM // Politics

Insurance rates under Obamacare will increase by nearly 100% in Connecticut

Insurance rates under Obamacare for those in Connecticut will spike by nearly 100%.

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9/30/2013 8:08 AM // Politics

Obama administration quietly deletes reference to 'free' healthcare on Obamacare website

The Obama Administration has quietly made a change to the Obamacare website. At healthcare.gov the site made reference to free healthcare and now it just says low cost.

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9/30/2013 7:56 AM // Politics

Dingy Harry Reid is reason why Obama has not negotiated with Republicans on avoiding gov't shutdown

According to Politico, Harry Reid is the reason why Obama has not and will negotiate with the Republicans.

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9/30/2013 7:46 AM // Leftist MSM

Mark Halperin on Morning Joe admits Obama's shutdown strategy hinges on press blaming GOP

Mark Halperin let it slip on Morning Joe. He admitted that the MSM is baised and that they support Obama. He said the Obama admin has little incentive to negotiate.

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9/30/2013 7:16 AM // Politics

Director of scrapped CNN bio-pic on Hillary says Clintons are motivated purely by money

Here is a fascintating piece of the blog post written by Charles Ferguson on why he he has backed away from the CNN biopic on Hillary. Emphasis mine

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9/30/2013 7:04 AM // Politics

CNN scraps plans for Hillary Bio-pic after director cites pressure from RNC, Media Matters, Clinton allies

CNN Films is canceling the Hillary bio-pic that had recently gotten a whole bunch of news recently.

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9/30/2013 5:01 AM // The Media

O'Reilly: I was a little thug...Now I get paid millions to be a big thug

O'Reilly in his 60 Minutes interview said that he was little thug as a child and now he gets to be big thug and paid millions each year.

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9/30/2013 4:58 AM // The Media

O'Reilly says doesn't care about about the wealth or fame

O'Reilly in his 60 Minutes interview said that the money and fame do not mean much to him at all.

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9/30/2013 4:37 AM // Religion

O'Reilly: Holy Spirit told me to write 'Killing Jesus'

Norah O'Donnell interviewed Bill O'Reilly on 60 minutes last night.

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9/30/2013 3:45 AM // Sci and Tech

US and 11 other countries discussing internet censorship as part of secret Trans Pacific Agreement

The US and 11 other countries who are all part of the Trans Pacific Partnership are discussing a controversial internet censorship plan that is part of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

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9/29/2013 7:10 PM // Politics, World

Geraldo interviews Nakoula who made video that Susan Rice, Obama & Hillary blamed for Benghazi

Geraldo interviewed the fellow who made the video that Obama, Hillary, and Rice all blamed for Benghazi. He is the only person ever arrested in connection with Benghazi.

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9/29/2013 7:01 PM // Politics, Leftist MSM

[VIDEO] Fareed Zakaria does 13 minute interview with Susan Rice & not one question about Benghazi

When CNN's Fareed Zakaria did a twelve minute interview with Rice Sunday, he didn't mention Benghazi at all. This is the first time Zakaria interviewed Rice since the Benghazi attack.

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