8/31/2013 7:36 PM // Politics

Rick Grenell: Heard from people around the world, Obama’s move today devastating blow to credibility

Richard Grenell, former spokesman for the last four US Ambassadors, says he’s already heard from many people around the world that Obama’s move today was a devastating blow to his credibility.

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8/31/2013 7:20 PM // Politics

Antiwar protesters heckle Obama while he gives Syria speech in Rose Garden

Obama the Nobel peace prize winning President was heckled today by a bunch of anti-war protesters. Ed Henry reports.

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8/31/2013 7:16 PM // Politics

Fox News slams Obama - President weaseled out of hard decision on Syria, Astonishing display of nonchalantness

Obama is getting savaged for his inaction on Syria and for punting on the issue to Congress.

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8/31/2013 6:52 PM // Politics

Krauthammer slams Obama - 'Amateur hour' - Obama boxed himself in on Syria & now looking for way out

Obama announced that he is punting to Congress the issue of Syria despite prattling on about attacking Syria for the last several days.

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8/31/2013 6:43 PM // World

Syrian Media: Syria and Iran went eye to eye with Obama and Obama blinked first

In Syria and across the region, reports are circulating that Obama blinked. Syria and Iran went eye to eye with Obama and America and Obama blinked first.

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8/31/2013 6:11 PM // Politics

Krauthammer slams Obama - President flinched, makes America looks like it chickened out

Charles Krauthammer slammed Obama saying the President flinched by punting the issue of Syria to Congress.

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8/31/2013 6:04 PM // Politics

John Bolton rips Obama - Weakest President since James Buchanan

John Bolton ripped Obama saying that Obama is the weakest president since James Buchanan who watched America dissolve into the Civil War.

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8/31/2013 5:12 AM //

Judge rules White House can keep visitor logs secret

A federal judge has rule the WH can keept its precious vistor logs secret - the logs are not subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

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8/31/2013 4:40 AM // World

Obama's bored kid in the classroom comment really pissed Putin off

Russian president Vladimir Putin was "infuriated" by President Obama's joke that he looked "like the bored kid in the back of the classroom."

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8/30/2013 7:49 PM // Politics

John Bolton: After Years Of Dem Bush-Bashing on Iraq, I’m ‘Delighted’ To See Obama Acting Unilaterally

On Fox News today, Bolton couldn’t help but point out how Obama, Biden, and John Kerry were all very critical of unilateral action under Bush but now are about to act unilaterally.

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8/30/2013 7:29 PM // Politics

Col Ralph Peters blasts Kerry's Syria speech - Melodrama not substitute for strategy; Hypocrisy is stunning & revolting

Col Ralph Peters blasted John Kerry's speech on Syria, saying that melodrama is not a substitute for a strategy.

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8/30/2013 6:58 PM // US

Arizona authorities break up massive food stamp fraud ring, seize $600K

Phoenix police arrested three people and seized more than $600,000 in cash in connection with a fraudulent food-stamp operation at a Phoenix convenience store.

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8/30/2013 6:13 PM // World

Syrian Defense Minister: We are ready to respond decisively to any attack

Syrian Defense Minister Fahd Jasem al-Freij said the Syrian army and people are ready to decisively respond to any form of military aggression on the country by the US and other western nations.

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8/30/2013 6:03 PM // World

Syria says that claims of chemical weapon attacks by John Kerry are false

The Syrian government says allegations that Assad's regime used chemical weapons in Damasacus are false.

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8/30/2013 5:03 PM // Politics, Sci and Tech

NSA paying US Companies hundreds of millions of dollars for access to data

The NSA is shelling out nearly $300 million each year to US companies for secret access to their data and communications networks.

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8/30/2013 4:11 PM // Politics

Rumsfeld slams Obama over Syria - Can't even organize a 3 car convoy; Policies have been harmful to US standing

Greta interviewed Donald Rumsfeld and asked him about Obama's stance on Syria.

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8/30/2013 3:56 PM // Sci and Tech, World

No internet access in Aleppo Syria

Right now there is no internet access in Aleppo and the surrounding area.

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8/30/2013 3:48 PM // Politics

[VIDEO] Rubio heckled at Defending the Dream forum in Florida

Marco Rubio was heckled today when he spoke at the Defending the Dream forum in Florida today.

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