4/30/2013 7:36 PM // Opinion, Sports

Tim Tebow savaged for being a Christian while Jason Collins is heralded as a hero for coming out

The Tim Tebow-Jason Collins coverage by the media clearly illustrates the war on Christianity occurring in pop culture. Peter Roff at US News writes.

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4/30/2013 7:18 PM // Politics

Gabriel Gomez: An Obama supporter?

Gabriel Gomez may be running as a Republican for the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry but his history indicates something other than a Conservative or a Republican.

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4/30/2013 7:05 PM // Politics

Ex Navy SEAL wins GOP primary in Massachusetts special election - will face Markey

GOP businessman and ex Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez won the GOP primary in the special Senate election battle.

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4/30/2013 6:53 PM // Politics

Watters' World - Eric Holder blames Congess for giving Miranda to Boston Bomber

Jesse Watters caught up with Eric Holder at the WHCD and asked him who was responsible for Mirandizing Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

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4/30/2013 6:29 PM // Politics

6 years later Obama doubles down on closing Gitmo - blames Congress for not being able to close it

Obama at his presser today doubled down on his promise to close Gitmo - 6 years later.

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4/30/2013 6:08 PM // Politics

Obama takes a victory lap on sequester, blames GOP & says he predicted all the effects

Obama today at his presser today took a victory lap on the issue of the sequester. He once again blamed Republicans and Congress.

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4/30/2013 5:54 PM // Politics

Obama: It is not my job to get Congress to behave

Obama at his presser today talking about sequester and the FAA furlough fix.  Said it was not his job to get Congress to behave.

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4/30/2013 3:21 PM // Politics

Obama on Jason Collins: He is a terrific young man and I couldn't be prouder of him

Obama at today's press conference was more than eager and happy to discuss Jason Collins coming out.

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4/30/2013 2:53 PM // Politics

Obama's best idea ever: Maybe I should just pack up and go home

Jonathan Karl of ABC News asked Obama if he still had the juice to get his second term agenda done.

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4/30/2013 9:22 AM // Politics

Obama to Ed Henry: I am unaware of anyone blocked from testifying about Benghazi

At the press conference today, Ed Henry of Fox News asked Obama about the reports that the White House is preventing through intimidation people from testifying about Benghazi.

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4/30/2013 9:06 AM // Politics

Obama took questions from 6 reporters in 47 minutes

Obama managed to take questions from 6 reporters during the the 47 minute presser. One question was shouted at him while he on his way out.

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4/30/2013 8:06 AM // US

911 Audio from Dorner Manhunt: We're gonna go forward with the burn

A brief portion of audio from the 911 tapes from the Dorner Manhunt

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4/30/2013 7:46 AM // US

Rep Adam Schiff agrees with Eric Holder on giving Miranda to Boston Bomber

On Piers Morgan last night, Piers asked Rep Adam Schiff about Eric Holder's decision to give Miranda to  the surviving Boston Bomber.

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4/30/2013 6:11 AM // Politics

Obamacare application shrinks from 21 pages to 3 pages

The application for Obamacare will shrink from 21 pages down to a whopping 3 pages.

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4/30/2013 4:55 AM // Politics

Andrew Cuomo takes another step towards a 2016 Presidential run - Signs book deal

Andrew Cuomo is one step closer towards a 2016 Presidential run - he has inked a book deal with publisher Harper Collins.

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4/30/2013 4:09 AM // Economy

AWESOME: Gun maker Ruger stock up 740% under Obama

Under Obama the stock price of Sturm Ruger & Co has jumped 740%.

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4/30/2013 3:49 AM // World

Armed gunmen surround Libya justice ministry

Armed gunmen who are demanding the expulsion of officials from the former regime of  Gaddafi surrounded the justice ministry in Tripoli on Tuesday.

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4/29/2013 7:53 PM // US

Lawyer who defended Unabomber, Loughner will be part of defense team representing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will have a defense team at least as good as OJ Simpson and we the tax payers will be footing the bill.

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4/29/2013 7:41 PM // US

Tsarnaev family received over $100k in welfare benefits

The Tsarnaev family, including the bombers and their parents, received more than $100K in taxpayer funded welfare benefits.

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