1/31/2013 8:32 PM // Politics

Ted Cruz hammers Hagel on Iranian sanctions, labeling Irainian Revolutionary Guard as terrorists

Round 2 - Ted Cruz did another excellent job of dismantling Chuck Hagel by bringing up Hagel's past record on calling the Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorists, Iranian sanctions, his association with Chas Freeman...

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1/31/2013 8:27 PM // Politics

Gayle Trotter rips Sen Whitehouse: 'You are a large man...Not a young mother stuck in her house'

Gayle Trotter, a fellow at the Independent Women's Forum, had a heated exchange with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on Wednesday during the gun control/violence hearings.

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1/31/2013 8:26 PM //

Chuck Hagel's nonposition on containment/noncontainment/whatever of Iran

I still don't know what Chuck Hagel's position is on containment/non-containment of Iran. I have watched him ramble his way through this exchange with Chambliss and still cannot figure it out.

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1/31/2013 8:22 PM // Politics

McCain hammers Hagel on opposing Iraq troop surge: Were you right or were you wrong?

John McCain hammers Hagel in this heated exchange. Hagel clearly doesn't want to admit he was wrong about the troop surge in Iraq back in 2006 and says he'd rather let history make the judgement.

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1/31/2013 8:19 PM // Politics

Sen Lindsey Graham Hammers Chuck Hagel over Jewish Lobby comments & Not calling Hezbollah terrorists

Lindsey Graham absolutely hammered Hagel over his past comments about the so-called Jewish lobby intimidating senators and his refusal to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations.

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1/31/2013 8:17 PM // Politics

Gayle Trotter: Guns are the great equalizer for women

Gayle Trotter of the Independent Women's Forum spoke yesterday at the Senate gun violence hearings. She talked about how firearms are the great equalizer for women

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1/31/2013 8:15 PM // Politics

Ted Cruz systematically blasts Chuck Hagel

Ted Cruz systematically blasted Chuck Hagel by playing several past Hagel interviews where he was asked anti-Israel and anti-America questions by callers and he agreed with them all.

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1/31/2013 7:44 PM // World

Maternity tourists milking the UK's National Healthcare System

Foreign women are becoming healthcare tourists as they travel to the UK to take advantage of the National Healthcare System.

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1/31/2013 10:10 AM // Politics

Al Gore: Our democracy has been Hacked

Al Gore on the Today show said that our Democracy has been hacked. The Man Who Invented the Internet made sure to tell Matt Lauer that hacked is a computer term.

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1/30/2013 8:30 PM // Politics

Nicholas Johnson: Gun registration leads to gun confiscation

The excellent Nicholas Johnson pointed out effectively that gun registration is the first step towards gun confiscation.

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1/30/2013 8:28 PM // Politics

Matt Lauer pounds Al Jazeera Gore on sale of Current TV to oil backed Al Jazeera

The Liberal Leftist Elite is none too happy with Al Jazeera Gore selling Current TV to oil backed Al Jazeera.  When called on it Al responds giving the same answer twice that gets the criticism but disagrees with.

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1/30/2013 8:10 PM // The Media, Politics

David Letterman pounds Al Jazeera Gore on why he sold Current TV to Oil backed Al Jazeera

Gore was on the Today show and then was on Letterman promoting his new book. The Left is none too happy with Gore given he sold out to a bunch of oil backed Arabs.

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1/30/2013 8:10 PM // The Media

David Letterman wants Obama to use executive order to push things through

Letterman in his interview with Al Gore wished that Obama would act more like a King and use the Executive order to push legislation through around Congress.

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1/30/2013 8:00 PM // Politics

Nicholas Johnson destroys the Assault Weapons Ban

Nicholas Johnson completely destroys the assault weapons ban in this clip by pointing out the fallacy of the ban.

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1/30/2013 4:23 PM // Politics

Al Gore on the Weather: 'A Nature Hike Through the Book of Revelations'

Al Gore called the current weather and climate a nature hike through the book of revelations.

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1/30/2013 3:10 PM // Politics

Mark Kelly's opening statement at Senate Judiciary Gun violence hearing

Mark Kelly delivered his opening statement at the Senate Judiciary gun control violence hearing.

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1/30/2013 3:04 PM // Politics

Gabby Giffords Statement at Senate Judiciary Gun Violence Hearing

Former Rep Gabby Giffords who was shot delivered an opening statement at today's Senate Judiciary Hearing on gun violence.

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1/30/2013 1:12 PM // World

Israeli jets bomb military target inside Syria

The Syrian state run news agency and Syrian officials are reporting that the Israelis have conducted a airstrike on a military target inside Syria in Damascus near the site of power for the Assad regime

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1/30/2013 12:25 PM // World

Israeli fighters bomb military convoy near Syria Lebanon border

Israeli aircraft bombed a military convoy along the Lebanese-Syrian border in an overnight air-raid. The convoy was reportedly transporting anti-aircraft weapons.

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1/30/2013 11:31 AM // Law, US

BREAKING: Shooting in Glendale Az

A shooting has occurred in Glendale Az at a mortgage office. 4 people are reported to have been shot.

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