12/31/2012 8:11 PM // Politics

Obama on Benghazi: There was some sloppiness. We have some very good leads.

David Gregory asked Obama about Benghazi - Obama's answer was "There was some sloppiness" So he consider 4 dead Americans bumps in the raod and sloppy?

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12/31/2012 8:06 PM // Politics

Senators want pay raise rescinded

Senators including Rob Portman and Michelle Bachmann want the pay raise Obama signed via excutive order rescinded.

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12/31/2012 7:59 PM // Politics

Tentative Deal reached between Senate GOP and the WH

The earlier reports of the Fiscal Cliff that Senate GOP members have agreed to appear to be correct. Sources say the White House is agreeing to the proposal put forth by Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP

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12/31/2012 7:07 PM // Politics

Krauthammer Slams Obama; Obama hovered like an Olympian above everyone else in Washington

This was one of Charles Krauthammer's best analyses to date. He pointed out very correctly that Obama was incredibly arrogant when he addressed the nation regarding the Fiscal Cliff.

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12/31/2012 3:27 PM // Entertainment

Charlie Sheen apologizes for gay slur

The troubled Charlie Sheen has issued a half hearted apology for a gay slur he said while hosting the grand opening of a bar in Cabo San Lucas.

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12/31/2012 2:59 PM // Politics

Senate Republicans including Mitch McConnell caving on taxes

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have come up with a Fiscal Cliff framework resulting in them caving on the tax issue.

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12/31/2012 2:45 PM // Politics

Obama's Number One Priority in Second Term is Immigration

David Gregory asked Obama what is top priority in his second term will. The first item he mentions is - Immigration Policy. Not taxes, the debt, the deficit, jobs, unemployment, the Keystone XL Pipeline, or Energy Policy.

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12/30/2012 8:39 PM // Politics

BREAKING: Phone calls continue between Biden and McConnell

Fox News is reporting that there has been multiple phone calls between Biden and Mitch McConnell. Also Harry Reid has left the Capitol.

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12/30/2012 8:18 PM // Politics

Obama: Obama: I am completely blameless when it comes to this Fiscal Cliff mess

Obama on MTP with David Gregory yesterday was asked how responsible he is with regards to the Fiscal Cliff. You think he said " I share some of the blame". Not a chance.

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12/30/2012 8:00 PM // Politics

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton admitted to hospital with a blood clot

The Hillary Clinton Diplomatic Illness keeps getting worse. She has now been admitted to a hospital due the presence of a blood clot based on reports from Fox News.

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12/30/2012 4:32 PM // Politics

BREAKING: No Senate vote on Fiscal Cliff Deal

There wil be no vote tonight in the Senate on any sort of Fiscal Cliff Deal.

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12/30/2012 2:51 PM // Politics

Raul Labrador Slams Chris Van Hollen on This Week

This was awesome! Raul Labrador on This Week slammed Chris Van Hollen. He pointed very correctly that Van Hollen's budget would have raised taxes on those making more than million a year.

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12/30/2012 2:49 PM // Politics

Rep Raul Labrador: Democrats are like Bank Robbers

Rep Raul Labrador (R, Idaho) was on This Week today and he called out the Democrat as a bunch of Bank Robbers. They talk about raising taxes now and the cuts are always in the future.

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12/30/2012 2:47 PM // Politics

Obama Blames the GOP for lack of Fiscal Cliff Deal

Obama is of course completely blameless in this whole fiscal cliff mess. He blames the GOP and Boehner during his interview with David Gregory on MTP yesterday.

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12/30/2012 11:44 AM // Politics

BREAKING: Setbacks in Fiscal Cliff Talks

MSNBC is reporting that there has been a major setback in the Fiscal Cliff negotiations. Sen Redi has reportedly told fellow Dems that they are in a worse place now then they have been in some time.

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12/30/2012 11:08 AM // US

Newspaper To List More Gun Owners Despite Backlash

The Journal News, a NY based paper, will be releasing more names of handgun owners in New York. They had previously released  names of owners in suburban Westchester and Rockland counties.

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12/30/2012 8:04 AM // World

French President Francois Hollande 75 percent tax is overturned

French President Francois Hollande's super high 75% tax on the very wealthy in Socialist France has been overturned by a French Panel.

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12/30/2012 6:14 AM // Politics

Obama quietly signs executive order incresing salary of Congress, Biden and Federal Workers

This will get your blood pressure up. Obama signed an executive order to end the pay freeze on federal employees, giving some federal workers a raise.

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