7/20/2014 2:57 PM // Politics

Hamas glorifies violence and teaches children about Jihad & more & more violence

Netanyahu said the people who killed the Palestinian boy would serve their time in jail and that the Israelis do not glorify or celebrate violence like Hamas does

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7/20/2014 2:51 PM // World

Netanyahu: We use missiles to protect civilians while Hamas uses civilians to protect their missiles

CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed Netanyahu today. Netanyahu said the deaths of civilians killed in the Israeli strikes are intended by Hamas.

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7/20/2014 2:45 PM // World

Netanyahu says Israel will "take whatever action" is needed to obtain quiet and security

On CNN this morning, Netanyahu said that Israel will take whatever action is needed to secure peace and security.

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7/20/2014 2:19 PM // Politics

Ted Cruz: The way to stop the immigration flood is eliminate the magnet of Obama's amnesty

Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to stop Obama from granting amnesty.

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7/20/2014 2:14 PM // Politics

7/20/2014 1:56 PM // Politics

Carly Fiorina: Obama needs to stop talking because silence is meaningful in diplomacy

Carly Fiorina had some advice for Obama and John Kerry saying that they should keep quiet because silence has meaning in diplomacy.

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7/20/2014 1:47 PM // Politics

Ted Cruz: There is nothing the Obama Administration enjoys more than blaming Bush

On Fox News Sunday, Ted Cruz pointed out that the Administration loves to blame Bush

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7/20/2014 1:41 PM // Politics

Ted Cruz: Harry Reid & the Dems willing to let illegal minors keep getting maimed & killed by the cartels

Kids are being brutalized by the cartels because they think Obama will let them stay.

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7/20/2014 12:32 PM // Politics

John Kerry Caught on Fox News Hot Mic Criticizing Israeli Strike

A hot mic catches John ripping on the Israelis.

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7/20/2014 12:26 PM // Politics, World

John Kerry: US detected the missile launch from Ukraine and observed it hitting Flight MH17

On CNN this morning,  John Kerry said the US actually observed the missile launch with satellite imagery and watched it hit the plane.

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7/20/2014 12:20 PM // World

Hamas stealing thousands of tons of concrete from Palestinians to build the terror tunnels

Hamas is stealing concrete intended to build schools and other buildings for the Palestinians and using it build their terror tunnels.

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7/20/2014 12:15 PM // Politics

Dianne Feinstein: US-Russia relations are at Cold War Levels

Dianne Feinstein on CNN's SOTU this morning said that relations between the US and Russia are at Cold War levels.

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7/20/2014 10:54 AM // Politics

John Kerry Obama has been tough on Russia by imposing sanctions

John Kerry praised Obama for imposing sanctions the day before the downing of Flight MH17. Kerry criticized other countries for soft-pedaling the situation with Russia.

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7/20/2014 10:49 AM // Politics

Lindsey Graham: Israel should "stay in Gaza as long as needed to deal with a viper's nest called Hamas"

Lindsey Graham on Meet the Press suggested that the Israelis should actually go back and occupy Gaza to crush Hamas and stop the rockets for good.

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7/20/2014 10:43 AM // Politics

John Kerry on Obama's foreign policy - America has never been more engaged

The world is a mess and Obama has been more engaged than ever, according to Kerry.

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