9/29/2014 11:18 PM // Politics

Paul Ryan tells Sean Hannity he would consider running in 2016

Paul Ryan told Sean he would consider running in 2016.

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9/29/2014 11:01 PM // World

Hannity interviews British Radical Cleric Anjem Choudary in his first interview since being arrested

It's the first interview since Anjem was arrested on terror releated charges in the UK.

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9/29/2014 10:53 PM // Politics

Majority of Americans say Obama is a dove instead of a hawk even though he has bombed 7 countries

A majority of Americans say Obama is a dove despite the fact he has bombed more countries than Bush. Obama has bombed 7 nations compared to Bush's 4 nations.

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9/29/2014 9:54 PM // US

Altercation between family of Oklahoma jihadist and officers inside hospital is caught on video

An altercation between officers and the family of the Oklahoma man who beheaded one woman and tried to kill another was caught on camera inside the hospital.

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9/29/2014 9:50 PM // US

Lt. Betsy Randolph: I wish I had taken my pistol out instead of my handcuffs

Lt. Betsy Randolph wishes she had done things differently the night she tried to arrest to Alton Nolen.

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9/29/2014 9:34 PM // US

9/29/2014 9:26 PM // Politics

9/29/2014 9:08 PM // Politics

Josh Earnest Denies Obama Threw Intel Agencies Under The Bus In 60 Minutes Interview

At today's briefing, Josh Earnest denied multiple times that Obama in the 60 Minutes interview last night threw the intel community under the bus.

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9/29/2014 8:06 PM // World

FSA chief urges Alawites to abandon Assad’s ‘sinking ship’

Free Syrian Army Chief Brigadier General Abdel Ilah al-Bashir called on Monday on members of  Assad's regime who are mainly part of the Alawite sect to abandon the “sinking ship.”

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9/29/2014 7:53 PM // World

Bahrain revokes citizenship & sentences 9 men to life for arms smuggling

A court in Bahrain revoked on Monday the citizenship of nine men convicted of smuggling weapons into the country and sentenced them to life in prison.

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9/29/2014 7:37 PM // World

Islamic State jihadists within 3 miles of Kobane

Islamic State jihadists are within three miles of the key Kurdish town of Kobani (also called Ain al-Arab, also spelled Kobane) on Syria's border with Turkey.

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9/29/2014 7:25 PM // World

Spanish diplomat stabbed to death in his home in Sudan

It's Sudan so it has to be an Islamist....

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9/29/2014 6:54 PM // US

9/29/2014 6:40 PM // US

Attorney for drug dealer arrested by Darren Wilson wants charges dismissed - says his client was “roughed up” by Wilson

The St. Louis County grand jury that may charge Darren Wilson will review another case involving him.

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9/29/2014 6:29 PM // Sci and Tech

9/29/2014 1:19 PM // US

Virginia Police Have Forensic Evidence That Links Jesse Matthew To The 2009 Murder Of Morgan Harrington

Police in Virginia have linked Jesse Matthew, the man who is believed to have abducted or killed Hannah Graham, to another high profile disappearance and murder.

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9/29/2014 12:03 PM // US

Nursing home employee on Oklahoma City arrested on terror related charges for threatening beheading of co-worker

Oklahoma City Police have arrested a man who works at a nursing home on terrorism-related charges on Friday after he talked about beheading a female coworker.

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9/29/2014 8:57 AM // World

Sergei Lavrov calls NATO's planned Balkan expansion a 'provocation'

Sergei Lavrov told a Bosnia newspaper that NATO's potential expansion to the former Yugoslav republics of Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro would be seen as a "provocation."

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